Who We Are

The Roach Foundation was founded in 2014 by Jake Zogoolas and Janet Roach, and is dedicated to providing assistance to burn patients and their families, in the treatment of their injuries and in their rehabilitation.


The assistance may be by way of direct financial support or provided via our network of service providers, who specialise in the field of treating those who have suffered a burn trauma.


It has been founded on the basis that “If we can improve the way people look, we will improve the way they feel”.



A percentage of the funds raised by the Roach Foundation is donated to medical teams for technological research into burn treatments and other ways of managing the affects of burn injuries.


Not all burns patients can afford the right treatments as they are extremely expensive. Our priority is to provide these patients with 5FU injections, which will thin the scarring and reduce deformation, alternating with the Fractionated CO2 Laser, which further reduces the scar redness.


A typical delivery comprises injections twice a month and laser once a month, and patients must commit for a minimum of 2 years or when the Dermatologist advises otherwise. These procedures are extremely expensive and painful so there is a high attrition rate for most patients during treatment. However, the only way to see results is consistency.


If you would like to discuss our treatment program, please feel free to contact us.


One of the key areas we support patients during and after treatment is through our mentoring program.


Providing support during this process is critical to the ongoing success and perseverance with the treatment, and we have found many people do not see through the full range of treatments available due to the cost and discomfort both patients and families endure.


If you would like to discuss our mentoring program, please feel free to contact us.